Upgrade SMC servers

You can upgrade SMC servers without uninstalling the previous version. A change in the Management platform, such as a new operating system or different hardware, requires reinstalling the SMC.

All SMC components (Management Server, Management Client, Log Server, and the optional Web Portal Server) must use the same SMC software version to work together. If you have multiple Management Servers or Log Servers, you must upgrade each server separately.

The same installer works with all SMC components, including locally installed Management Clients.

If you have multiple Management Servers or Log Servers, you can upgrade them in any order. Management Servers are automatically isolated from database replication during the upgrade. There is no need to explicitly isolate the Management Servers before upgrading.

If you are upgrading from a very old version of the SMC, you might have to upgrade to an intermediate version first before upgrading to the latest version. See the Release Notes.

  For more details about the product and how to configure features, click Help or press F1.


  1. Start the installation in one of the following ways:
    • From a .zip file — Unzip the file, then run setup.exe on Windows or setup.sh on Linux.
    • From a DVD — Insert the installation DVD, then run the setup executable from the DVD.
    Operating system Path to executable
    Windows 64-bit \Forcepoint_SMC_Installer\Windows-x64\setup.exe
    Linux 32-bit /Forcepoint_SMC_Installer/Linux/setup.sh
    Linux 64-bit /Forcepoint_SMC_Installer/Linux-x64/setup.sh
    Note: If the DVD is not automatically mounted in Linux, mount the DVD with “mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom”.
  2. To continue with the installation, read and accept the License Agreement.
    The Installation Wizard automatically detects the previous installation directory.
  3. To accept the installation directory, click Next.
    The Installation Wizard displays the components to be upgraded.
  4. (Management Server only, optional) To save a copy of the current installation that you can revert to at any time after the upgrade, select Save Current Installation.
  5. Click Next.
  6. (Management Server only) Select whether to back up the server, then click Next:
    • To create a backup that can be used and viewed without a password, select Yes.
    • To create a password-protected backup, select Yes, encrypt the backup. You are prompted for the password as you confirm the selection.
    • If you already have a recent backup of the Management Server, select No.
  7. Check the preinstallation summary, then click Install.
    The upgrade begins.
  8. (Optional) When the upgrade is complete, click the links in the notification to view the reports of changes the installer has made.
    The report opens in your web browser.
  9. To close the installer, click Done.
  10. Upgrade any SMC components that run on other computers (for example, additional Management Servers or Log Servers) in the same way.
  11. (Multiple Management Servers only) Synchronize the management database between the Management Servers.