Add manual ARP entries to NGFW Engines

You can add manual ARP entries for IPv4 and neighbor discover entries for IPv6 in the Engine Editor.

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) entries and neighbor discovery entries are normally managed automatically based on the routing configuration. It is not necessary to add manual ARP entries or neighbor discovery entries unless there are problems with the automatic entries, such as devices that do not respond to gratuitous ARP requests, or that impose a significant delay on such operations.

The manual ARP entries and neighbor discovery entries are generated by the engines regardless of the policy installed on the nodes.

You can configure two kinds of ARP entries:

  • A Static ARP entry gives the engine a permanent reference to an IP address/MAC address pair.
  • A Proxy ARP entry gives a Firewall engine a reference to an IP address/MAC address pair for which the Firewall provides proxy ARP. Proxy ARP is possible only for hosts located in networks directly connected to the Firewall.

Firewalls support both static and proxy ARP entries defined with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. IPS engines, Layer 2 Firewalls, Master NGFW Engines, and Virtual NGFW Engines support only static ARP entries defined with IPv4 addresses.

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  1. Right-click an engine element and select Edit <element type>.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, browse to Interfaces > ARP Entries.
  3. To add an ARP entry, click Add ARP Entry.
  4. In the Type cell, select the type of ARP entry you want to add.
  5. In the Interface ID cell, select the interface on which you want to apply this ARP entry.
  6. Double-click the IP Address cell, then enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address.
  7. Double-click the MAC Address cell, then enter the MAC Address.
  8. Click Save and Refresh to transfer the new configuration to the engines.

Engine Editor – Interfaces – ARP Entries

Use this branch to manually add ARP entries for IPv4 or neighbor discover entries for IPv6.

Option Definition
Add ARP Entry Adds an ARP entry.
Remove ARP Entry Removes the selected ARP entry.