Configuring interfaces for Firewalls

The interface configuration process consists of several general steps.

The configuration proceeds as follows:

  1. Add the required number of network connections:
    • Add physical interfaces.
    • (Optional, Single Firewalls only) Add an ADSL interface for the integrated ADSL modem.
    • (Optional, Single Firewalls only) Add a wireless interface for the integrated wireless router.
    • (Optional, Single Firewalls only) Add modem interfaces for 3G modem connections.
    • (Optional, Single Firewalls only) Add a switch and port group interfaces for the integrated switch.
  2. (Optional, physical interfaces only) Add VLAN interfaces to physical interfaces.
  3. (Optional) Add tunnel interfaces for the route-based VPNs.
  4. (Not applicable to modem interfaces) Configure the IP address settings.
  5. (Optional) Add loopback IP addresses to assign IP addresses that do not belong to any directly connected networks to the firewall.
  6. Select the interfaces that are used for system communications.