Define VPN Traffic Selector elements

VPN Traffic Selector elements allow you to define the IP addresses, protocols, and ports used by a specific host in a VPN site.

Before you begin

You must have sites for VPN Gateways.

You can use VPN Traffic Selector elements in policy-based VPNs. VPN Traffic Selector elements are intended to be used in specific advanced VPN configurations.

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  1. Open the list of sites for the gateway in one of the following ways:
    • Right-click a Firewall element, select Edit <element type>, then browse to VPN > Sites.
    • Open the properties of the External VPN Gateway element, then click the Sites tab.
  2. Select Tools > New > VPN Traffic Selector.
  3. Configure the settings.
  4. Click OK.

VPN Traffic Selector Properties dialog box

Use this dialog box to define the properties of a VPN Traffic Selector.

Option Definition
Name Specifies the host name.
Tip: If you enter the host’s DNS name, you can automatically resolve the IP address from the host name.
Resolve Automatically resolves the IP address from the host DNS name.
IP Address Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 address or address range of the host.


Select the protocol used by the host.
Port Number If a protocol that supports ports is selected, enter the port number that is used by the host.


Includes the element in predefined categories. Click Select to select a category.


A comment for your own reference.