Security Management Center

The SMC is the centralized management component of the Forcepoint NGFW solution. The SMC makes the Forcepoint NGFW solution especially well-suited to complex and distributed network environments.

The SMC configures and monitors all components in the Forcepoint NGFW solution. The centralized management system provides a single point of contact for many geographically dispersed administrators.

The unified management platform provides major benefits for organizations of all sizes:

  • By allowing automatic coordinated responses when a security threat is detected, interaction between components managed by the same Management Server creates security benefits. Automatic coordinated responses provide instant blocking of unwanted traffic, and reduce the need for immediate human intervention.
  • Multiple administrators can log on at the same time to efficiently configure and monitor all NGFW Engines. The SMC provides a single user interface. This interface allows unified configuration, monitoring, and reporting of the whole Forcepoint NGFW solution with the same tools and within the same user session.
  • The reuse of configuration information across components in the system allows you to:
    • Avoid the laborious and error-prone duplicate work of configuring the same details for all components individually.
    • Export and import the configurations between multiple separate systems.

The SMC is designed to manage large installations and geographic distribution. The SMC design creates flexibility and allows scaling up the existing components and adding new types of components to the system without sacrificing its ease-of-use.