Components in the Forcepoint NGFW solution

The Forcepoint NGFW solution includes NGFW Engines, SMC server components, and SMC user interface components.

Figure: Components in the Forcepoint NGFW solution

Number Component Description
1 Management Client The Management Client is the user interface for the SMC. You use the Management Client for all configuration and monitoring tasks. You can install the Management Client locally as an application, or you can start the Management Client with a web browser using the Java Web Start feature. You can install an unlimited number of Management Clients.
2 Web Portal The Web Portal is the browser-based user interface for the services provided by the Web Portal Server.
3 Management Server The Management Server is the central component for system administration. One Management Server can manage many different types of NGFW Engines.
4 Log Server Log Servers store traffic logs that can be managed and compiled into reports. Log Servers also correlate events, monitor the status of NGFW Engines, show real-time statistics, and forward logs to third-party devices.
5 Web Portal Server The Web Portal Server is a separately licensed optional component that provides restricted access to log data, reports, and policy snapshots.
6 NGFW Engines NGFW Engines inspect traffic. You can use NGFW Engines in the Firewall/VPN, IPS, or Layer 2 Firewall role.