Licensing components and features

License files provide your system a proof of purchase. The Management Server maintains license files.

You receive most licenses as proof-of-license (POL) codes. The proof-of-serial (POS) license code for Forcepoint NGFW appliances is printed on a label attached to the appliances. Using your license code, you can log on to the License Center and view and manage your licenses at: https://⁠

Generally, each SMC server and each Firewall, IPS, Layer 2 Firewall, and Master NGFW Engine node must be separately licensed in your SMC. Virtual NGFW Engines do not require their own licenses.

  • The SMC components must always be licensed by importing a license file that you create at the Forcepoint website.
  • Licenses for Forcepoint NGFW appliances can be generated automatically. You might also need to generate these licenses manually at the Forcepoint website, depending on the appliance model and Management Server connectivity.

The use of some individual features is also limited by license.

All licenses indicate the latest version for which they are valid and are valid on all earlier software versions up to the version indicated. Licenses are by default automatically updated to the newest version possible for the component. If automatic license updates are not possible or disabled, you must generate new licenses manually before upgrading to a new major release.

License upgrades are included in maintenance contracts. If the maintenance contract of a component expires, it is not possible to upgrade the license to any newer version. Evaluation licenses are valid for 30 days.