Troubleshoot Web Start installation on an external server

You might need to manually configure the Web Start files if the automatic Web Start installation fails.

Automatic Web Start installation is done using the webstart_setup.vbs or scripts.

Solution: Manually configure the Web Start files as instructed here.


  1. Copy the Web Start folder to your workstation.
    The Web Start software can be found on your product DVD in the Forcepoint_SMC_Installer/Webstart directory.
  2. Edit the following files in a text editor and enter the correct path of the Web Start folder on your web server or network drive on the codebase row at the beginning of each file.
    Table 1. Files to be edited
    File name Example
    smcclient.jnlp codebase="" or codebase="file://localhost/C:/webstart"
    bouncycastle.jnlp codebase="" or codebase="file://localhost/C:/webstart"
    smc_help.jnlp codebase="" or codebase="file://localhost/C:/webstart"
  3. Save and close each file.
  4. Put a link to the smcclient.jnlp file on your website.
    An example start page is provided with the Web Start package, containing the link to start the application.
  5. If necessary, edit the configuration of the web server to return the appropriate MIME type for .jnlp-files (application/x-java-jnlp-file).
    See the manual of your web server for instructions on how to configure the MIME type.