Troubleshoot disabled options in the Management Client

There are several possible causes and solutions when some Management Client options are disabled.

When Management options are disabled, you can see them but they are grayed out and you cannot change them.

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  1. Make sure that the IP address in the license is correct and that the network interface with that IP address is active on the Management Server.
    If nearly all controls are disabled, the Management Server license might not be installed or valid.
  2. Make sure that your administrator permissions allow you to use the Management Client options.
    Your administrator permissions might restrict your actions. For example, Operator administrators are only allowed to view the contents of the elements granted to them. They are not allowed to change the elements’ properties. If you want to edit an element that is locked, first unlock the element.
  3. Check whether the disabled options are part of an element or object created by the installation. Select the element in the Configuration view and check the History tab in the Info pane.
    System elements display “System” as the Creator. System objects cannot be edited, but usually you can make copies of them and edit and use the copies instead.
  4. Check whether the options are part of a feature that is not supported by the engine version you are using.
    If so, upgrade the engines before you can use the feature. See the Release Notes for information about new and enhanced features in different versions.
  5. Check whether you must select some other option before you can change the disabled options. Look for an option to activate the feature or override the default values, or a way to change the default values instead.