Troubleshoot slow Management Client startup and use

There are several possible causes and solutions when Management Client logon and other operations are slow.

For example, refreshing a list of network elements might take a long time.

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  1. Make sure the Management Server and Log Server host names can be resolved on the computer running the Management Client (even if the Management Client is running on the same computer as the SMC server components). Add the IP address and host name pairs into the local hosts file on the client computer:
    • In Linux: /etc/hosts
    • In Windows: \WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
  2. Exclude temporarily unavailable Log Servers from Sources. If there is a NAT device in between your client and a Log Server, also make sure that the Location is set correctly for your Management Client (in the status bar).
    Log browsing is slowed down if some of the selected Sources (Log Servers) are not available (data is displayed only after queries time out).