Create Host elements from DNS search results

If the DNS search results do not find an existing Host element for a host name, you can create Host elements based on the host names and IP address found by the search.

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  1. Right-click one or more IP addresses in the search results, then select Create Network Element(s).
  2. (Optional) If you want to add the new Host elements to a Group, select Create in a Group, then enter a name in the Group Name field.
    If the Group element does not yet exist, a new Group is automatically created.
  3. Define a name for the new Host elements.
  4. Click OK.
    The Network Element Creation view opens in a new tab to show the progress of the element creation process. The status of each new element is displayed in the Info column:
    • If the status is Created, the element was successfully created.
    • If the status is Not created (name already in use), an element with the selected name exists. If you want to change the Host element's name, right-click the Name cell, then select Properties to open the element properties. Change the name and click OK to save the changes.
  5. Click Close to close the Network Element Creation tab and return to the search results.
    The names of the new elements are shown in the Network Element column.

Host Creation dialog box

Use this dialog box to create Host elements from the results of a DNS search.

Option Definition
Create in a Group When selected, automatically adds the Host element to the specified Group element when creating the Host element.
Group Name The name of the Group element to which the Host element is added.
Name The name of the Host element.
  • Full Name — The full domain name returned by the DNS search. For example, a Host element created from a search for "" is named
  • Name without Domain — The name returned by the DNS search without the domain. For example, a Host element created from a search for "" is named "example".
  • Specify Name — Enter a name for the Host element in the Name field.
  • Prefix + IP Address — The text entered in the Prefix field is combined with the IP address returned by the DNS search. For example, example_192.168.1.123.